Upward Lighting Co., Ltd

China Oudoor Led Lighting Manufacturer

Over 13 Years Experiences

Our factory produce outdoor led project lighting from 2009. Our production line is: led floodlight, led wall light, led linear wall washer, led underground light, led swimming pool light, led lawn garden lamp. led stadium light, led street ligght, etc. Warranty from 3 years to 5 years.

Our Services:

  1. FREE  Test Sample.
  2. 10% Off First Production Order
  3. Short Sample / Production Leadtime.
  4. Sample / Small order can be modified / customized convenient.
  5. No-worried after-sales service: FREE Exchange/FREE Shipping during warranty period

Our Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Led Underground Light

Led Underground Light

outdoor led wall light

Outdoor Wall Light

multi color led flood light

Outdoor Flood Lights

linear led wall washer

Wall Wash Lighting Outdoor

led underwater light

Underwater Led Pool Light

led tree light

Led Palm Tree Light

led street light

Led Street Parking Lot Light

stadium flood lights

Tennis Courts Flood Lights

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