Category: Led Floodlight

  • Led Floodlight, so called outdoor led project floodlight, IP65-IP67 waterproof structure. This kind of industrial flood lights is widely used in outdoor lighting projects, such as parking lots, amusement parks, parks, commercial residential areas, stadiums, wharf, etc.
  • Our company produces many kinds of led landscape flood lights, from 3W to 3000W and even higher power, to meet the needs of different customers. Can be customized according to customer requirements of different product size, light color, light body of different colors.
  • Outdoor spot flood lights with Brand Leds (Cree / Osram / Philips / Bridgelux)and Brand Driver (Meanwell / Philips / MOSO / DONE / SOSEN, etc), offer 3/5 years warranty.
  • Input voltage options: 85V-265VAC,  AC/DC12V or DC24V, with constant current driver, No flash, fast response.
  • More Emitting color options: 2700K to 6500K, Red, Green, Blue, Auto Rgb, Dmx Rgb/Rgbw and RDM system.
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