The Composition and Characteristics of Solar Led Lighting System

Solar Led Garden Light

一: Solar Led Lighting System Composition

The scale and application form of solar led lighting systems are different, and the scale of the system spans a wide range, ranging from lawn lights of 0.3 to 2W to solar led pole lights of several hundred watts. Its application forms are also various, and it can be widely used in many fields such as household, transportation, communication, space and so on. Although solar led lighting systems vary in size, their composition and working principles are basically the same. The solar led lighting system consists of a square array of solar cells; a battery; a controller (some controllers integrate the leddriver function, and some separate the controller and the led driver); led light sources.

二: Led Light Source

Led has the advantages of high light quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, and extremely low maintenance cost. It is a typical green lighting source. The successful development of ultra-bright led has greatly reduced the cost of solar led lighting, making it at or close to the cost of initial installation of a power-frequency AC lighting system, and has the advantages of environmental protection, easy installation, safe operation, economical energy saving and so on.

The column-type and torch-type combined light source structure of the flat-head led is adopted, and the uniformity and illuminance of the light emitted by the led combined light source can be greatly improved by reasonably controlling the installation inclination angle of the flat-head led. The combined cross-shaped and rectangular combined light sources specially developed for the solar led lighting system give full play to the advantages of the flat head led with large opening angle, good light uniformity and the high brightness of the round head ledpoint area, so that the two can learn from each other and maximize the light effect. , to overcome the shortcomings of the flat head led point area brightness is not as good as the round head led, and the round head led light uniformity is not as good as the flat head led. Through the update and technical improvement of the structure of traditional solar led lighting fixtures, intelligent controllers, and light source structures, the optimal inclination angle design is carried out, so that the advantages of flat-head and round-head LEDs can complement each other, so that they can emit more uniformly, have higher overall brightness, Lower cost and more conducive to application promotion.

For the independent solar led lighting system, improving the energy utilization rate and researching the scientific system energy control strategy can reduce the investment cost of the independent solar led lighting system. At present, solar cell components, controllers, batteries, and led light sources are the four main components of solar led lighting products.

三: Features of Solar Led Lighting System

  1. Led has high luminous efficiency and high brightness. The light source efficiency of led has now reached 100lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development, with a theoretical value of 250lm/W. The use of led light sources can correspondingly reduce the area of solar panels and battery capacity, or extend the number of days of use in continuous rainy days with the same area of solar panels and battery capacity.
  2. Led has long life and reliable product quality. The service life of the led is more than 50000h, which is basically synchronized with the service life of the solar panel, which greatly improves the overall performance of the solar lighting system. However, general solar lighting lamps usually use electronic energy-saving lamps as light sources. The lifespan of electronic energy-saving lamps is 3000-5000h, and the light decay is obvious, and basically it needs to be replaced once a year. The light decay of the led light source is small, less than 3% in one year, and it still meets the illuminance requirements for road use after 10 years of use. The design can be lower than the high pressure sodium lamp.
  3. Solar led street lights and led garden lights use a new type of fully automatic solar lighting controller, which has the functions of light control, time control and adjustable brightness. It starts to work at full power when it is dark, works at half power when it is late at night, and automatically shuts down after dawn. The half-power working period can be set according to user requirements, and the setting period can be different every day. After setting, it will work automatically in a cycle of seven days. The use of traditional lighting fixtures to control the light can only make some lamps go out, resulting in ribbed dark areas in road illumination, causing potential safety hazards, which has been banned by some countries in the world. The unique secondary optical design of solar led lamps irradiates the light emitted by the led light source to the area that needs to be illuminated, which further improves the illumination efficiency and achieves the purpose of energy saving.
  4. Solar led lawn light, led floor light and led special controller can realize various dynamic effects such as colorful jumping, gradual change, chasing, flowing water, expansion, compression, etc. It can also be combined into a certain dynamic graphics according to the application requirements, which is widely used in gardens. Squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards, parks, roads, gardens and other occasions.
  5. Led is a low-voltage working product, which can be used directly without inverting the DC voltage generated by the solar cell into AC220V. It not only improves the working efficiency of the solar led lighting system (the inverter will generate 20% of the power consumption), but also does not have the hidden danger of power consumption. Led is a low-voltage device, and the voltage driving a single led is a safe voltage, so it is a safer lighting fixture than using high-voltage lighting fixtures, especially suitable for public places (for example: street lighting, factory and mine lighting, automotive lighting, civil lighting).
  6. As a point light source, if the design is reasonable, LEDs can directly solve the problems of secondary light extraction and light loss that traditional spherical light sources must rely on light emission to solve. The uniformity of the light irradiation surface is controllable, and theoretically it can be completely uniform in the target area, which can also avoid the phenomenon of “lighting under the light” of traditional light sources and reduce light waste.
  7. The color temperature is optional, and the application of led light sources in different occasions is an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs; there is still a lot of room for technological progress. The light color rendering of solar led street lights is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. Sodium lamps are reduced by more than 20%.
  8. Led light emission is unidirectional, without light diffusion, to ensure light efficiency; each unit of LED has only a small volume, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for variable environments. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp must rely on the height of the lamp pole to achieve a sufficient irradiation area, while the led street lamp itself can emit light at an angle of 140 degrees, which can expand the road irradiation area. At the same time, reduce the height of the lamp pole. Generally, the lamp pole of the high-pressure sodium lamp is 10m, and the led light source only needs 8m to achieve the same irradiation area.
  9. The construction is fast and convenient, each solar led lighting system is an independent lighting unit, charging, discharging and control are completed independently, without trenching, wiring, backfilling, instant installation, instant application.
  10. Low maintenance cost: Compared with traditional street lights, the maintenance cost can be reduced due to the long life of the LED light source.

四: Solar Led Lighting Applications

The current solar led lighting fixtures are mainly used in urban secondary roads and rural roads and other occasions, and can not completely replace the mains road lighting, but in the long run, with the decline in the price of solar panels and research on energy-saving light sources, solar led lighting Lighting will definitely play an increasingly important role.

Solar led lighting fixtures are mainly used in the following fields:

  1. Solar led traffic lights. Because solar photovoltaic lighting devices have the advantages of not needing power grids, laying wires, and being flexible, they have been widely used in navigation, aviation, and highway traffic lights, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.
  2. Solar led lawn light.
  3. Solar led flashlight. This is a solar energy product that has just emerged in recent years, and the output is increasing every year.
  4. Solar led sign light. Used to indicate objects that need to be marked at night.
  5. Solar led road lighting fixtures. This is what people currently refer to as solar led street lights. Although solar led street lighting accounts for a small proportion of the entire road lighting fixtures, people seem to feel that it will become the mainstream of solar photovoltaic lighting installations, and may even replace traditional lighting in the future. road lighting fixtures.
  6. Solar led Landscape Lights. The exterior design of solar led landscape lights is mostly die-casting by combining metal and engineering plastics. The lamp body can present various shapes such as round, square, geometric patterns, etc., with various manners and styles, or luxurious and elegant, or simple and lively. The color of the lamp body is white, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, etc., which gradually fade or flicker. After dark, the landscape lighting control system automatically starts the lighting device, and the solar led landscape light can emit even and soft light, and several colors jump and change gradually, making the night of the whole city rhythm in an instant.
  7. Solar led Pole Light. Solar high-pole lights generally have a pole height of 8 to 13m, a lighting power of 50W to 130W, and an effective lighting area of up to several hundred square meters.

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