How to quickly relieve the pressure of the led outdoor projector light waterproof breathable valve?

rgbw linear led light

Some of the current outdoor led projector generally adopt a fully sealed treatment method for dustproof and waterproof requirements.However, when the outdoor led lamp is running, its internal circuit board and power module will generate heat, which will increase the internal gas pressure; When the temperature drops when the work is stopped, the internal gas pressure will become smaller, and repeated pressure fluctuations will affect the seal.

Moreover, in a low temperature environment, if the seal fails, moisture and dust in the external environment will be inhaled, which will affect the internal circuit. Therefore, it is necessary to open ventilation holes and use waterproof ventilation valves (waterproof respirators) to balance the internal and external pressures and maintain the longevity of the seal.

So, how does the led outdoor building light waterproof vent valve quickly relieve pressure?

The outdoor lighting fixture waterproof and breathable valve is a kind of waterproof and breathable product in the form of thread. According to the actual application, there can be outdoor lamp waterproof and breathable valve made of plastic material, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metal materials, which can well realize the ventilation hole of the rgbw led linear wall washer shell. It is waterproof and breathable, so that water, mist, dust, etc. will not enter the product through the ventilation holes, but it can allow the normal exchange of internal and external gases to achieve a balance of internal and external pressures. Therefore, the outdoor building led light waterproof breathable valve is also called a waterproof respirator.

The rapid pressure relief of the waterproof and breathable valve of the LED light is achieved by a layer of ePTFE waterproof and breathable membrane material in the waterproof respirator. Because the material has uniform micropores, and the micropore diameter is much larger than that of air molecules, air molecules can Free entry and exit, thus achieving rapid pressure relief.

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