What is the role of waterproof breathable valve in outdoor lighting fixtures?

How to make outdoor light with high waterproof grade

Because led outdoor lighting fixtures are used outdoors, they are directly exposed to various natural weather outdoors. Therefore, if outdoor lamps are to be used for a long time, they must be waterproof and sealed.

Most of the current lamps are fully sealed by waterproof sealing rings, waterproof sealants (organic silicone, PUR hot melt adhesive), etc. Usually, the electronic components inside the lighting lamps will heat up. If the heat is too high, coupled with exposure to the sun, the internal gas will expand, which will cause a certain degree of deformation to the shell.

Sometimes sudden rainfall causes the lamp housing to cool rapidly, which will make the internal air pressure too low, it is possible to inhale air from the outside, and the moisture in the air will condense into water inside, which will affect the normal operation of the internal components.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure the internal and external pressure balance of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Generally, a ventilation hole is opened in a certain position of the shell, and the ventilation hole is protected by a waterproof ventilation valve to ensure that no water enters the lamp from the ventilation hole.

The waterproof breathable valve installed by thread or snap-on is more reliable than the waterproof breathable membrane attached to the waterproof adhesive, and it will not lose its stickiness and fall off like the waterproof adhesive.

The waterproof and breathable valve has good waterproof and breathable performance, which can balance the internal and external pressure difference caused by changes in the external environment, so that the sealing performance can be well maintained, thereby ensuring the reliability of lighting fixtures.

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